City Impact - San Francisco

Several years ago, a rescue mission in San Francisco's inner-city wanted to start a private Christian school in a 1920's era building that they owned. They had only a few students, and didn't attract much attention. But as the number of students grew towards 50, the Fire Department "discovered" the school, and insisted it be closed until a long list of problems with the building (structural, electrical, plumbing, fire safety, etc) were corrected.

Enter Mike and Sandy's church in Danville, plus some other Northern California and as far away as Colorado churches, who got together, raised over $1.4 million for materials, and put thousands of hours of volunteer labor to completely rebuild the old 3-story + basement building, bringing it into compliance with modern building and earthquake codes.

Of course like many projects, this one expanded as it went (e.g., fixing that one little roof leak turned into replacing the entire roof, including all the rotted supporting trusses). But after nearly 3 years of work, it was done, and the kids got the OK to move back in.

Mike learned all sorts of new things working on this commercial building. He's worked on the new roof, installed new circuit breaker panels in the basement and on the 2nd floor, pulled in lots of wiring, and lots of outlet and switch boxes. He spent several days installing smoke detectors and alarms, and at the end, repairing holes in sheet rock made by last minute plumbing work.

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