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Habitat for Humanity is an international Christian charity, aiming for every family having a safe, decent, and affordable home. Anyone may apply to buy a home (income and other conditions apply), and all volunteers are welcome, regardless of faith, skills, etc. In the East and South Bay, Habitat has built over 500 homes, with 10 - 20 homes typically underway at any given time. Habitat also operates programs which aid Veterans in maintaining safe and suitable housing. More info on how families can buy a Habitat house are here. Websites for more information: www.habitatebsv.org, or for Habitat International, www.habitat.org

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A Habitat fund-raising program has groups build playhouses for low-income families. The new playhouse workshop in West Oakland was dimly lit, so Mike and fellow volunteer Everette braved a scissors lift to install new LED lighting panels before the first groups arrived.

Work continues at the 20-home site in Martinez (near I-680/Highway 4 junction). The new owners have already moved into the first 16 houses, and framing work is underway on the "final four" houses. This carousel of pictures shows how this site has evolved, from when Habitat arrived until just recently, when Mike got his hammer out to help build new walls.

The smug look on the volunteer electrical team's faces means every one of the latest set of houses passed their final electrical inspections with flying colors!

In addition to wielding wire cutters and hammers, Mike is part of the Habitat Speakers Bureau, and frequently gives talks to encourage folks to volunteer, or to make donations to Habitat. Recently he's been at several Rotary Clubs and the San Leandro Presbyterian Church.

CURRENT Habitat building locations:

Pacheco/Martinez 20 new homes First 16 finished; framing underway on last 4

Fremont-Central Ave 30 new condos in 5 buildings Site work and two foundations underway

San Jose rehab 2 older homes under way

Here's a scrapbook of photos from the Pacheco site.

PLANNED Habitat building locations:

Walnut Creek-1250 Las Juntas Way

30-40 new townhouses; land acquired; city reviewing plans

Start late-2018

Bay Point-Pacifica Ave

10 new homes; land acquired; old house demolished; planning underway

Start 2020

Hayward-Sequoia Grove

10 new homes; land acquired

Start 2020 or later

Oakland-Byron Avenue

10 new homes; planning beginning

Start 2021 or later

POSSIBLE Habitat building locations - Under Preliminary Study/Discussion:

Los Gatos project of 15 new homes
Concord NWS space for 60 new homes
Alameda NAS space for 32 new homes
Oakland-near I-580 space for 8 new homes
Fremont-Quarry Lakes space for 32 new homes

COMPLETED Habitat projects where Mike has worked:

Oakland 1 older home refurbished Completed in 2016
Livermore 2 older homes completely rebuilt Completed in 2014
Pleasant Creek 10 new homes, at Walnut Creek BART Completed in 2014
Oakland-Brookfield 12 new homes, near OAK airport Completed in 2014
Cupertino 4 new homes Completed in 2012
San Jose-Humbolt 1 new home Completed in 2012
Oakland-Kinsell 22 new townhomes Completed in 2011
Hayward 5 older homes completely rebuilt Completed in 2011
Bay Point 9 new + 5 rebuilt homes Completed in 2010
Oakland-Edes 56 new homes Completed in 2010
Concord older home completely rebuilt Completed in 2009
Alameda 8 new townhomes Completed in 2008
Antioch 4 new townhomes Completed in 2007
Livermore-Freda Ct. 22 new homes Completed in 2007
Oakley 10 new homes Completed in 2005

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