Welcome to the "Greats" Page !!!
What's the "Greats" page about? In addition to seven grandchildren (see the Family page for pictures and news of them), Mike and Sandy are blessed to have four Great grand kids, all coming from son Mark's side of the family. Kerri is 18, and visits with her are quite different from when she was a little girl. She's the "big sister" to Colby, now 7 years old, and to Addison, just 3 months old.

Here's a picture from last year of Trisha and her husband Ryan, along with Kerri and Colby.

Being a teenager, Kerri is into iPhones and "selfies," so here's a picture she recently took of herself.

Back on Kerri's 12th birthday, Sandy and Mike took her to Florida to visit all the Disney Parks. One of her favorites was the water park, where she got to repeatedly go on the "advanced" tube slide.

Mike and Sandy took Kerri to Super Franks, which is a huge indoor kids adventure place in nearby Pleasanton. They played miniature golf in a big dark room lit only by "black light" -- and played with balls, hazards, etc. that glowed in the dark. Here's Kerri on one of the holes that is guarded by a big tiger.

Down in the game room, Kerri took the opportunity to practice her basketball free throws on a machine that runs a countdown clock and keeps track of your scoring. She did very well !!

Sandy has, somewhere, played air hockey, so when Kerri challenged her to a game, Sandy stepped right up. Here they are in head-to-head competition.

On a recent visit, Kerri and Mike went over to the Blackhawk Plaza shopping center which has, in addition to all sorts of shops, a big duck pond / waterfalls area, and a kids playground. Both proved fun for Kerri.