Welcome to the "Greats" Page !!!
What's the "Greats" page about? In addition to seven grandchildren (see the Family page for pictures and news of them), Mike and Sandy are blessed to have four Great grand kids, all coming from son Mark's side of the family. Kerri is 18, recently married, and now living on Guam with her U.S. Navy husband. She's the "big sister" to Colby, almost 8 years old, and to Addison, recently 1 year old.

In addition, Mark's son Ryan married Courtney, which brought us Aiden, a nice Great Grandson-in-law, who is 6 years old.

Here's some pictures of Kerri, from way back to her recent wedding.

Colby arrived just when big sister was a basketball player at school, and he became a fan right from the start! Of course he has grown a lot in the meantime.

And most recently, Addison arrived, making Great Grandchild #3.

Here's Aiden, along with Colby, at Kerri's recent wedding.