Some of Marv and Mike's Adventures
Mike and friend Marv have hiked or taken their bicycles all over the Bay Area, and adventured about in the Sierras, up on Mt. Diablo, etc.. Here's a few pictures of some of their past outings.

Mike and friend Marv sometimes bicycle all over the Bay Area, but this day they went into San Francisco during Fleet Week to tour a U.S. Navy guided missle cruiser.

In 2016, Mike and Marv checked out the new bike path on the side of the new Bay Bridge. It's supposed to eventually extend as far as Yerba Buena Island, but it doesn't go that far just yet.

There's a new bike lane on the Benecia Bridge, so Mike and Marv took their bikes up to Martinez, rode north across the bridge, explored around Benecia a bit, including lunch, and then rode south back over the bridge.

Mike and his friend Marv have been busy this spring -- here they are part way up Mt. Diablo on a hike recently.

Mike and Marv also got in a couple of days of skiing one winter, at Northstar and at Sugar Bowl. Here Mike is at the top of the mountain at Sugar Bowl.

Mike went with his friend Marv, and Marv's brother Eric, for a couple of days of skiing at Mammoth Mountain a few winters back. It was the first time Mike had been there, and he found it a HUGE place -- with the summit over 11,000 feet high!

Mike and Marv were on Angel Island not too long ago, taking their bikes over on the ferry from Tiburon. Not too cold, not too hot (what with a bit of fog lingering here and there), so a good day was had by all.

Mike and his friend Marv were determined to get one more shot at skiing one year, so they headed up to Alpine Meadows. Even though more snow would be nice, there actually was more than enough snow left for skiing. The warm Spring temperatures were rapidly melting it all, so there was icy conditions at 9, and Blended Margarita-like conditions by 1. But they had a good time, and didn't break any bones. (And speaking of avoiding damages, Sandy and Joni spent the day at the Factory Outlet stores, and didn't break the bank!)

Here's Mike and Marv at the Martinez Marina, where they stopped for lunch on a recent 20 mile ride.

During Fleet Week, Mike and friend Marv drove to Sausalito, and bicycled from there across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco to see the air show. Here they are on the bridge, heading for the Marina area, where they watched the Red Bull air races (around pylons on barges moored out in the bay) followed by the Blue Angels precision flying team.

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